Sports kynology

In our Rottweiler Kennel Naughty Rotty we focus on breeding top individuals. Our Rottweilers are excellent  at shows in exterior beauty. There they have achieved titles  Slovak, International champion and the title of the Winner of the world in  beauty. Our dogs are also active in sports kynology, because we deeply believe Rottweiler is a working breed.
Sports kynology consists of obedience, tracks, defence. In tracks we reached an amazing 2nd place at the World Championships Rottweiler.
Our bitch Bellamy is the proof that our rottweilers are in perfect form till high age. At the age of 10 she ranked 3rd place at the competition "Laugaricio Cup Trenčín" - SVV3 - the highest level in sports kynology. Our Rottweiler beat breeds such as Doberman, German Shepherd and Belgian Shepherd.
The fundamental objective in breeding rottweiler is obedience. The dog must perfectly master the heelwork, recall, postponement, fetch, obstacles, and similar exercises.
Defense is a discipline that is usually practiced only in specific working breeds. This defense training course does not  encourage thedog toward aggression towards people. The other way round. Thus trained dogs know correctly assess the situation when the attack is necessary to protect the owner or property - other situation leaves unnoticed. They become aware of their power and their capabilities.
We practice defense and obedience at least two times a week, the rest of the week we focus on improving their physical condition -up to the season - running, swimming, pulling sleds. The result is healthy, tenacious individuals with a balanced mind.

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