Rottweiler Litters 2015

rottie puppy for saleWe are happy to announce that our bitch Bisbee Naughty Rotty is expecting new litters in september 2015.

Kennel Naughty Rotty, home of the World winner in beauty - the only one in Slovakia, offers top rottweiler puppies.
Ancestors were led to sports kynology -  at the World Championships RTW we got 2nd place on tracks. We have also achieved great  results on dog shows and exhibitions - World Winner, Slovak Champion, Grand Champion of Beauty, International champion.

For this year 2015 we are proud to offer unique litters - combination of beauty from mother side and excellent working results from father side.

Our young bitch Ellie Naughty Rotty which is the daugher of the mentioned german stud dog - Bullweih and the mother of Bisbee (Aneta) has already got titles of - CAJC, Junior BOB and BOS.


rottweiler championMother - Our breeding bitch  - Bisbee Naughty Rotty - Title: "Champion of Slovak Republic"

Body with great proportions  - valued at many exhibitions, grand-daughter of the World winner 2009, in her blood line was obtained the title "World Winner" 7x !!!




bullheim Father - German stud dog Bullweih vom Schandpfahl - 21.03.2009 - Title: "German Champion". Strong dog, friendly, very vivacious with a massive head and strong muscles. Achieves excellent performance results: BH / VT, AD, IPO 3, SVG . Health: HD-Frei ED-Frei

Working results - in Protection and defense - IPO 3 - ADRK Weltmeisterschaft 2015

Report from the exhibition - Open class: Excellent 1
Good size, muscular, corresponding to bone strength, strong, well filled head,very well tense skin , ears properly fitted, good dark pigment on the lips, dark brown eyes, very well set neck, good chest proportions, straight back, stand up straight, feet well arched, naturally angulation, coat and badge correct, scissor bite.

Pedigree Bullweih

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FOTO - Litters 6 weeks old

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